It is a fact that many people in the world believe the earth is flat.

Since the beginning of the 4-century people have believed that the earth is flat or a disk shape. They thought that people out at sea if they went too far out over the horizon they would fall off the edge of the world and die. Many people across the world believe that the earth is flat but many believe it is flat like all the other planets in the solar system. But those that strongly believe the earth is flat have very strong opinions about what they believe in.

One of the flat-earthers theories is that Australia is not a country. More than 200 people attended a flat-earther conference in Birmingham, UK because there are still a large number of people who believe the world is flat. In the conference in April, there were theories like Australia isn’t real and that gravity doesn’t exist.

It is clear to me that none believers of the world are flat should stop trying to prove they’re wrong and do better things with their lives. Flat-earthers have many possible theories that could change the way we view everything in life. So stop disbelieving flat-earthers will change the world.

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  1. good example, but nothing in the paragraph made sense

  2. very sexy

  3. You kept the same point all the way through which was good, but it would have been stronger if you used more persuasive language.

  4. I found this piece a little confusing as you repeat the same thing. Also i feel like you said the same thing but didn’t persuade me. Your first sentence is good though.


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