28th June 2018

Pink Bun Mountain

Beaming white lights light up the dark hallway. Willy Wonka leads me along the candy cane red floor hallway to a door. The wall is red and white striped and with what looks like pink bun icing surrounding the ghostly white door. An aroma of jelly, dough, and icing flows through the miniature cracks in the door frame. I nervously watch Mr Wonka swing the entrance to the new room in his factory open.

Quickly my eyes adjust to the change in brightness as you notice an oddly shaped silhouette. It looked a bit like a deformed mountain but as my eyes finally adjust to the light I notice white branches, what I think is pink snow and what appears to be a relatively rapid reddish body of liquid down one side of the mountain leading into a lake.

That’s when I realize that the river is a river of jelly flowing to the side of the mountain which is a massive pink bun. For a split second a ray of light reflecting off something on the lake. I move down to the edge of the shore where a candy cane shapes boat pulls up on the shore. An umpa lumpa jumps out of the boat and directs me to get in. Rapidly the boat flew up the windy red river. The splashing of the boat speeding through the jelly makes an interesting noise like rain pelting down on a roof. The wild white branches come to my attention as more and more people in glossy red outfits with massive vacuum cleaner like machines sucking pink buns right off the trees. That’s when I realize that the people on the glossy red outfits are umpa lumpas getting pink buns off the trees to be sold. The whiff of pink bun icing becomes deeper as we get to the top of the river.

Now I leap out of the candy cane shaped boat and run over to the edge of the pink snow. Upon the slopes, the umpa lumpas are gliding and sliding down the mountain as if the icing was snow. I spot a chairlift in the distance, so I start walking over. Glancing back down the mountain the umpa lumopas are still at work getting all the pink buns off the trees. The windy goo still just how it was just moments ago. A scent of liquorice grasped my attention. The whole chairlift is made out of liquorice, from the seats to the cables. My eyes follow the cable up the top of the slope.

I leap on one of the seats of the chairlift. The black liquorice seats are surprisingly comfortable. From the chairlift I can see everything in the new room Willy Wonka has created. It’s unbelievable what he has created. As I look into the distance there is a shed resting on top of the mountain. A gingerbread house with candy canes on the four corners on the building and pink and white icing holding the walls of gingerbread together. The door to the shed opens an umpa lumpas start strolling out with skis. I notice a snowboard on a rack next to the shed. click click, the bindings crunched as start shredding and sliding down the slopes with the umpa lumpas. The board was made out of hard jelly from the river. The view from the icy is wicked. All the umpa lumpas working hard sucking all the pink buns of the wide white branches. The fragrance of the pink bun icy enhances as the skis rip it up. With the icy coming to an end and the crunch from the snowboard, I reach down and grab some of the icing. Tingling sensations fill my mouth with a bang, the hit of sweetness is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. The sweet mushy texture is strange but in a good way. I advance forwards back towards the boat waiting for me at the edge of the gooey river. Again the aroma of jelly flows into my presence.

Promptly we shot back down the river. I rock about sitting in the candy cane shaped boat bobbing and bouncing. Travelling back towards entrance I take in one of my last chances to take in the view from the boat. All the white arms a blur and the aroma of jelly still hanging in the air. Slowly the boat comes to a stop in by the entrance. I painfully get out of the boat a go over to Mr Wonka. He directs me back towards the door but I want to stay longer. I take one last look at my surroundings before I go back through the door. The umpa lumpas still sucking the pink buns off the tree. Slowly I go through the open door and back into the dark hallway. Click, the door closed behind me and everything went back to normal.

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