14th June 2018

Layering a scene

You walk down the street hearing the sounds of cars and buses. You can also hear the sound of the people all down the street. As you move further down the street the buildings seem to gradually get bigger but then you stop. A window catches your eye, a clear glass window. In there is lots of food, but in the window, one box, in particular, catches your eye which is a green box with crisp edges. As you look closer into the shop you notice that the box is a box of meal mates. You look closer and notice more and more meal mates.  They’re not the bad meal mates they’re good meal mates, the green meal mates. Because there are green boxes in the shop it makes you want to go into the shop to buy boxes of meal mates.



vehicles, buildings, people, food,

clear, window, glass, building around the window.



range of colours, different food

in cases,  on plates



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