Beaming white lights light up the dark hallway. Willy Wonka leads me along the candy cane red floor hallway to a door. The wall is red and white striped and with what looks like pink bun icing surrounding the ghostly white door. An aroma of jelly, dough, and icing flows through the miniature cracks in the […]

You walk down the street hearing the sounds of cars and buses. You can also hear the sound of the people all down the street. As you move further down the street the buildings seem to gradually get bigger but then you stop. A window catches your eye, a clear glass window. In there is lots of […]

A preposition is a word that expresses relationships between people, places, and things. They help us to understand a time, way or position connection between two or more things. using them in your writing helps your reader to imagine your setting and how things move within that setting more effectively. Positional prepositions: Her bag was under […]

It is a fact that many people in the world believe the earth is flat. Since the beginning of the 4-century people have believed that the earth is flat or a disk shape. They thought that people out at sea if they went too far out over the horizon they would fall off the edge of the world […]

The movie at the end for me it took to long. they dragged it out to long and I got bored and frustrated and I just wanted it to end. I didn’t feel anything probably because as I said I was bored and frustrated and was just waiting for it to end. The movie and script reminded […]

1: “I defy you stars” Defy means resist or to refuse and command or task. Stars, shakespeare refers to the stars as gods in the play. The quote relates to the play as a whole as its saying that romeo is refusing a task or tasks from the gods. 2:”come cordial and not poison, go […]

“Well, we were born to die”  Capulet A3 S4 L4 The quote “Well, we were born to die” means that we are all born with the idea that one day we would die.The word “die” from the quote as it implies that there is or could be more death to come to people in play. […]

Is love an invention created by humans? I think that love was created by humans just over a long period of time. It has adapted over the years of human evolution and is different for each person. So I think love is an invention created by humans.

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